Chris M. Lyon

Intuitive Therapeutic & Performance Coach, Relationship Expert

Author Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist NLP Master  Certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health

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Areas of Chris’ work with clients, community members, readers and students:

Empaths, Intuitives, Sensitives, Highly Sensitive People

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person, do you have Sensory Processing Sensitivity? According to Dr. Elaine Aron, about 1 of every five of us are HSPs. Don’t know if you are an HSP or know someone who may be? You can take Dr. Aron’s questionnaire here.


Being a Highly Sensitive Person in this world can be difficult, as you take in so much more information and energy at once, while feeling and processing more deeply. Some issues can be: overwhelm, social anxiety, low self-esteem, procrastination and difficulty healing from trauma. Chris can help you understand yourself better as the unique sensitive person you are, a healing, empowering process. Are you ready to make a breakthrough in your life, and create transformation in areas that are important to you? Chris’ Breakthrough Transformation is a 3-month program that includes 1:1 sessions, and other powerful tools for life-changing results.

It’s important to manage your life according to your unique self, instead of how non-sensitives manage.

This work can help you heal, adjust and customize your life and energy according to your Central Nervous System difference. Chris can help you gain empowerment from the insights, abilities and strengths that your sensitivity comes with.


Getting what we need in a relationship is so important to us, yet we didn’t get relationship education in school. Moreover, some of our early role models may have made it more difficult for us to navigate what it means to truly have a fulfilled, loving and healthy long term relationship. Working with Chris helps you discover what it takes so you can use these new mindsets, tools, effective communication and new insights for life – without confrontation or blowups – to help overcome blocks, fears, hurt, anger and neglect in your relationship. Create patterns that bring more love, understanding and unity with each other.

Over the past two decades, clients have successfully improved their relationships or even found their way to save a relationship in crisis while doing individual sessions and/or couples’ facilitation with Chris.

The process helps clients work through their feelings and work towards resolution, including what they want and need with their relationship.

Chris also helps clients during the important process of recovering from a relationship ending.

Searching for and manifesting a new relationship is also offered; Chris’ strategies have helped most single clients to find a more ideal partner.

“This was our last chance at saving our marriage when there was so much hopelessness and anger…Chris listened, understood and made us see things in a much better way, and helped us implement new changes that completely transformed our relationship into the most loving and relationship we’ve ever had. She made it so much easier for us than I ever imagined.” 


“I was lonely and divorced. I was awkward and shy with people, especially women. After working with Chris for a few weeks, people were much friendlier with me, I felt more comfortable in social situations, and I met the amazing women who is now my wife!”


Dominant and Submissive (or Leading and Supportive) Relationships

This is specifically referring to a relationship that has a leading partner and a partner who follows, no matter what lifestyle they have. People often associate negative connotations with this dynamic, however there are many millions who relate to this relationship orientation. When either partner type learns more about this amazing dynamic between two people, it feels like coming home – finally understanding who you are and what you need as a partner. What an amazing combination that brings great love and harmony, with a special understanding between the two partners!

Relationship books and programs leave this dynamic out, and it’s time for awareness and education on D/s.


Chris offers sessions to help you understand yourself better as a D/s partner, and also offers proactive facilitation for couples. Chris also helps clients heal from past relationships, and helps people find a more ideal partner.

It’s recommended that D/s partners read Chris’ book (link to it) and also check out the ground-breaking online, self-led D/s course and her D/s community, as well as other resources at

Build Your Confidence, Self-Worth and Create Powerful Instant Rapport with others – Confidence is a powerful motivator, extremely attractive to others and can help you get more control over your future and successes. You’ll work with an expert on how the mind works to remove old limited thoughts and become confident in yourself, your decisions, your goals, and your interactions and relationships with others. Discover how to instantly get people to like you. You’ll learn powerful secrets that you can use right away to establish instant rapport and acceptance with others, even at an unconscious level. People will respond to you with more respect and regard and treat you better. Contact Chris to work with her on Confidence and your important goals.

Are you a business owner, manager, executive or professional looking for that edge – your own professional coach? Want a valuable outside view, help with a better sense of direction? How about higher performance and better results? Do you want ongoing help with life and work balance? Want to influence and connect at higher levels? Executive Coaching has long been the higher advantage that makes the difference in the quality of work, success and life of a professional. Enjoy preferred scheduling, responsive emails, and a proactive experience in your coaching relationship with Chris. Throughout the past 25 years, Chris has worked in the corporate and holistic field as a coach for professionals. Contact Chris today about Executive Coaching for you.

Change overwhelm and overstress to a more peaceful, productive existence. Learn to use tools to convert stressful feelings into positivity and productivity. Work and talk through your situations in ways that help you get a clearer overall view and a fresh plan of action.

Going through or recovering from big changes in life? Does this make you feel lost or unsure? This work supports your healing process and helps transforms your life for the better. This may involve a number of areas of life that have needed to be addressed for some time; and helps you live more authentically.

The human machine is very powerful, and we are all very energetic beings. Energy-based work can make phenomenal differences with the quality of life and the attraction process. Those in the medical field are experiencing amazing results with these modalities now more than ever. Successful leaders are implementing these techniques with their organizations because it works so well for them. With respect to everyone’s beliefs, everyone can benefit from energy work.

Learn to process the feelings of grief and loss. Come to understand gifts that are offered somewhere in the pain and struggle that can enrich and reward us with enlightenment, growth and strength as you move forward.

Sleep Issues – People often don’t realize how much sleep plays a role in how they live their lives! Hypnosis has been documented to help with Insomnia, sleeping medication dependence, nightmares, and other sleep issues. Get help to sleep better with the highly successful Quality Sleep program. Pain Management – Your mind can help you adjust your pain to get relief. Successful techniques are used along with hypnosis. Smoking Cessation – Ready to quit? Hypnosis is one of the most harmless, effective ways to quit smoking for good. Pre/Post Surgery – Why not use this advantage for better success and healing? Hypnosis helps your body accept and adjust to the changes from surgery or medical procedures, and facilitates optimal healing. This includes dental surgery as well. Also helps with fear of medical offices, hospitals, surgery, doctors and/or dentists. Digestive Issues and more…

Sessions are via Zoom video, or by phone. You can be in a comfortable place; and being able to take notes is suggested.


If you are ready to overcome blocks in your life and get results that are important to you, it’s your time. Our work is confidential, non-judgmental, and non-discriminating.

Contact Chris now.


Leading and Supportive Love

The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships

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“Out of every professional we have seen so far, you have been the best and most productive, single session that we have had. Both my wife and I discussed that on the way home last night. You definitely have a gift.”– Anon

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