For those of you who want more information on D/s relationships:

Welcome. A specialty, and passion of mine is to educate and guide others about relationships that have a leader and a follower because both partners wanted and chose it willingly. This is called Dominant and submissive or Leading and Supportive. D/s doesn’t discriminate, the partners can be any gender, of any sexual orientation, any adult age, and vanilla, kinky, or in between, and come from any background/belief system. D/s is a “Relationship Orientation“. There are massive amounts of people in this world who are either partner type naturally. While there is a surplus of education/books/specialists/courses on relationships in general, there is still a fraction of guidance and support, specifically on the foundation of this relationship dynamic – universally. Further, people are still discriminating against it, thinking it’s unhealthy or abusive. So much of my work is to change this right now.

Any kind of relationship can have unhealthy people who mistreat or abuse, or allow it. Healthy D/s is a powerful, beautiful dance of cooperation, collaboration and devotion to one another. This needs to be understood more. I work with clients in terms of finding partners, healing from relationships and facilitating couples, especially D/s partners. I also provide resources for those who are one of the two partner types and believe that love is priority and they create their own relationships, not just let them happen. I have included some below. I wish you great D/s Love! – Chris Our exclusive private D/s community – get your free 30-day trial. My book on Amazon My course, The Path of the Submissive Partner

Here’s a short fun video that introduces the concept of this dynamic:

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