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“Finally! A book that addresses the kind of relationship that I am drawn to!” -D.A.

Are you in, or are you attracted to the kind of relationship with one person as the “leading” partner and one as the “supportive” partner? It’s almost like a captain and first mate, each having their own responsibilities working together harmoniously and effectively. Some people are naturally drawn to this type of relationship, and many of them are not happy in a relationship until they find their true counterpart.

Leading and Supportive Love:

The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships

Kindle and Paperback Available

eBook, in PDF format

The premier foundational D/s relationship book for any lifestyle and every D/s partner!

This is where to start and learn, where to grow and improve and what to use for helpful reference.

About the Book

Do you prefer a relationship with a Leading partner and a partner who follows? Have you felt ‘left out’ of the mainstream relationship self-help offerings because of this? Whether you are single or in a relationship, vanilla or in the lifestyle, if this is your true relationship orientation, this book is for you.

Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth about Dominant and Submissive Relationships, is not limited to a certain lifestyle or belief system. This highly-acclaimed, must-read, foundational D/s relationship book can help with new and clearer understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship. This book also promotes better understanding from your loved ones.

The Dominant and Submissive Relationship is an ancient and contemporary, harmonious dance that is mysterious, magnetic and powerful. It may not be what you think, and some of the truth may surprise you!

Read about partner type profiles, case illustrations, research insights, relationship help, and surprising details that may have you looking at this type of long-term, committed relationship in a whole different way.

Kindle and Paperback Available

eBook, in PDF format


I have to say that I am very pleased with this book. It’s the very first book that I have read that explains the D/s relationship in such a clear fashion. The author explains things in such a way that both sides of the relationship is extremely clear.”

Cherielle B.

I’ve had experience with this author through the work my husband and I have done with her as clients. Thanks to her my husband and I have come to understand what type of partner each of us is. This book comes like a breath of fresh air; it is a manifestation of everything we’ve learned, and a way to keep a reminder of it with us at all times.

I really believe that so many couples could benefit from reading this, whether or not they’ve actually had the chance to work with Chris Lyon or not. My husband and I have referred other couples to her and this book because of the tremendous help she has been in our marriage.

In this book, as in her practice, the author has so many direct insights and practical information. Finally – a book that is informative and supportive for anyone who is a Leading or Supportive type of partner.”


“Insightful, both for my own relationships and in understanding others I read this book twice, once cover to cover and the second time taking more time to review and consider the areas I highlighted. I know that I was playing a role in my marriage, rather than being true to my nature. Now it is clear to me just how I got there, given the dynamic between me and my ex. The description of my type in this book is spot on, not just with what I’d like from a partner, but in describing how I feel about myself.

I’ve always considered myself to be someone who accepts many kinds of relationships. I see now with new eyes, how questionable relationships around me are not just fine, but thriving.

What I will take away is a set of clear affirmations about what I require from healthy relationships and a newly found confidence about expressing my needs. With much gratitude…”


Hi Chris,
I read your book which clearly explained why I felt the way I did and also why D felt like he did. It all made sense then.  I asked D to read your book, which he did.  The next day we wrote down things that bothered us about each other and talked them through.  It really seemed to clear the air and help us to make a fresh start.  Things are really, really good now and we are both making efforts to be aware of each others feelings and to be happy and in love with each other more than ever.  We are trying to talk about things as they occur, rather than bottle them up.  Thank you for all of your help and insight.  I believe I’m on the right track now and hope that if I need help in the future I can count on you to set me straight.  Thank you again and take good care…


“I did what I usually do with books like this, I jumped to the the part where the types are defined. As I was reading through the extensive list of examples for the two types, I found myself nodding my head and checking off the points that rang true to me and for the different partners I’ve had over the years. When I was done, I’d nearly checked off the entire list for the Supportive-type for myself, and so many of the Leading-type points for those relationships that I thought worked best — I knew I had to start from the beginning of the book and read it through…”


A great introduction to understanding how I work in a relationship…and how to explain it to others. In reading Leading and Supportive Love, I found myself identifying with the Supportive-type. It matched my giver-nature from all my years volunteering with charities and donating time and talent. I wanted to have a defined role where I could know my position and know that my partner was going to step up, make decisions, and stand by them as well as recognize my efforts towards our joint-success. I wanted someone else to take charge and make sure that we were making progress as a team.

As a volunteer as well as an employee, when I am asked to be in charge I slip into a Type-A dynamic that is rather hard-edged and intense. It doesn’t really present me with a supportive side. And I want that supportive side to show through.

In reviewing my past partners, I found that very few of them were Leaders in my relationship with them. Those that have the traits, I am still good friends with…and we work well together on projects to this day. Then there are others who just don’t fit in either role — and that’s fine, it just means I did not get my needs met in our relationships. Then there were a few who were very much Supportive-types like me…and I could see how we spiraled into a “waiting for the other to decide/take action” vortex. Those relationships were very unhealthy for me.”


“Ordered and read your book this weekend, it’s fantastic! Thank you so much for putting into print, it’s a valuable resource to reference and return to as needed.”


“Chris has found her calling. She has a gift!”– J.M. Consultant

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