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“Working together to help you use your phenomenal mind to create powerful change and manifest what you are truly ready for in your life.” – Chris


About Chris

Chris has been an intuitive Life Coach and Relationship Expert, facilitating and consulting with individuals and couples, for over 15 years. Chris has found that working with both the unconscious mind and the conscious mind helps her clients’ desired changes take place early and are more likely to become permanent or long-term. So, within her studies of the mind, she is a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master NLP Practitioner. Her concentrated, attentive approach to the changes that clients want to create varies on a broad spectrum. Your commitment to your goals plus the right partnership equals success.

Relationship Help and Support

Relationship work is something Chris has felt led to be passionate about. She successfully uses her “Relationship Rescue” and “Relationship Mastery” programs to help couples navigate through difficulties and find their way together in a better, more loving way. Many couples have gotten closer and recovered their relationships and marriages while working together with Chris. Chris has helped many clients (and friends) make a healthy paradigm shift for better love in their lives, and she uses her specified system to help clients find the partner they’ve been looking for. Chris has been honored and thrilled to see long-term relationships and marriages result from this work. She is the author of the book “Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships.

Understanding Sensitives

With an innate understanding of sensitive people, or “sensitives”, she also works with “Highly Sensitive People”, or “HSPs” to improve the quality of their lives and help them become who they are meant to be – on their own terms.


Confidence is a long-time specialty and the work includes a number of aspects, ranging from possible social anxiety issues, to self-acceptance, to natural, comfortable and positive interactions with others.


Other Areas of Practice

Chris works with adults, children, groups and couples. She has worked with medical doctors, teachers, farmers, parents, girl scouts, students, nurses, real estate developers, athletes, artists, scientists, retirees, executives, lawyers, dancers, military officers, and people from many walks of life at nearly all ages. Love it! Chris is an active Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the most established, largest governing board for Hypnotists in the world. She is a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming; which helps with fears, motivation, health issues, and implementing new habits to replace old ones. Chris first studied coaching training from Thomas Leonard, the patriarch of life coaching. She was also a founding member and on the Research and Development staff of the Graduate School of Coaching. She is a published author and long-time columnist, featured in Natural Awakenings magazine, AZNetNews, Business Opportunities Magazine, San Tan Valley News, Mesa Lifestyles, Gold Canyon Ledger and more. Chris has coached and consulted with management and executives from organizations all over the world. This includes: Boeing, Motorola, Wells Fargo, Wachovia Bank, Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Banner Health Hospitals, Mayo Clinic, Arizona State University, REmax, SRP, State Farm Insurance, Duquesne University, Southwest Airlines, Kimberly Clark, Life Plus International, Advance Cardiac Specialists, Arizona Department of Corrections, the Armed Forces, and more. Chris has been an L.A. area radio personality and radio station General Manager, and has appeared on MTV and various radio stations and newspapers. Chris’ community outreach has included workshops and courses at the Wellness Community in Phoenix, AZ, Gold Canyon Healing Arts Center, Apache Junction Multi-Generational Center and at various conferences. She has worked with families of Big Brothers and Sisters and the Girl Scouts. She lives with her family amongst the peaceful, beautiful Sonoran setting in Arizona.

“A provocative question can startle you, lead to insight and cause you to rethink a habit or belief about yourself.”

Some of Chris’ Previous Experience

  • Company trainer, leader to business marketing associates in 23 countries
  • Reiki Master
  • R&D for Coachville, world’s largest coaching organization
  • Founding member of the Graduate School of Coaching
  • Columnist and published author
  • Multimedia product development
  • General Manager & radio personality at a Los Angeles public radio station
  • Director of marketing for a Resort Spa
  • Director of Business Development in corporate retail

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working together

Working Together

  • Our work is based from a natural implementation of duality. I use logic and common sense combined with intuition and empathy. The process helps you tap into the power of both your conscious and unconscious minds.
  • The office is a very peaceful, comfortable environment located just east of Mesa, Arizona. For sessions by phone, make sure you are in a comfortable, quiet place. Chris holds a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space for you to share and process.
  • We work from the point where you are coming from; according to your agenda for yourself. You are not evaluated, judged psychoanalyzed or diagnosed.
  • I believe all of my clients are awesome. I focus on your strengths and abilities – and being on your side.
  • You are listened to and heard thoroughly. Some people say they feel better after being able to vent to someone. As well, I know you want results. I am very pro-active – your ally who is straightforward with you.
  • There is fun and light-heartedness too. Humor is seriously important in life.
  • Your session is a special, focused time for you, for the change you want in your life. It’s important to be fully engaged and ready to participate. Note-taking may be helpful. Be ready to take the suggested actions that you agree to. Remember, if you truly desire change, avoiding your coach if you haven’t done your “homework” doesn’t help you!
  • We do not bill clients or extend credit, unless arrangements are made ahead of time with corporate groups. Payments can be made with cash, major credit cards, debit cards or Paypal.
  • We don’t work with insurance companies. However, some insurance companies cover smoking cessation or weight loss hypnosis. Also, we are able to take some HSA or Health Savings Cards. Payment for our services or products may qualify as a business or medical deduction on your taxes. In the U.S., expenses of continuing education to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5 Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307). See your tax consultant for further information.
  • Cancel/reschedule policy: Sessions are by appointment only. Please call us or email 24 hours before your session if you can’t make it, or you will be charged for the session.
  • Late Policy: Please call ahead if you are running late, or leave a message. If the schedule permits, I’ll wait for you. If we don’t hear from you by ten minutes into the session, we’ll assume you aren’t going to be present.
  • We have found that a minimum of 3 months is usually recommended for optimum results. However, every client is different and at a varied stage of readiness for change. Some clients continue for years, as they find benefit in having a life coach for areas of their lives.
  • Feel free to contact me via email or phone to schedule an appointment after reviewing your chosen areas of this website. Or, contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if and how I can help. Taking this action may change your life.

I hold a safe space for you to process and do the work needed while each and every session is productive. Please be ready to make changes and learn more about yourself and your ability to make the difference in your life that you desire. Our work is confidential, non-judgmental and non-discriminating.


Leading and Supportive Love

The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships

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“She has never once been judgmental of my issues and shows great compassion while we work through to positive results…”– JSL

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